Mid-week visit to the welsh valleys

This week I decided to take a little retreat away from reality for a few days, away from the modern day hustle and bustle. In the last few years the options to where you go and what you do when you need to put your feet up for a few days have grown vastly, mainly due to the rapid increase of accommodation comparison sites.

So i had a little shop around and came across this little gem on airbnb I didn’t have any set dates or location in mind whilst i was browsing. Usually little getaways have to be planned last minute due to the fact i work shifts and my girlfriend works in the hospitality industry. I find airbnb perfect for finding somewhere to explore, an easy site to navigate and the option of using the app.

We arrived late in the evening due to the distance we had to travel, unfortunately being myself i thought i would use intuition to find the little cottage even though it is advised to follow the instruction Clive provided due to the hidden entrance to their drive. After driving around in a fairly large circle I gave in and retrieved the direction from my phone, not surprisingly they took me straight the driveway. Upon arriving Clive gave us a quick show your round and left us to settle in and relax. As Hannah put the oven on i wandered through to the lounge to light the log fire which was already made ready to light. As the dinner and fire were warming up we had a better look around the cottage which was very spacious yet cosy.
2016-03-07 19.33.51

both the main bathroom and bedroom were downstairs overlooking the rolling welsh valleys through the bare branches of the surrounding woodland. The large master bedroom was very tastefully decorated with a warm farmhouse feel

2016-03-07 19.35.05

Across from the bedroom is quite possible the best bathroom, or spa room as its referred to in the bio and is probably a more fitting description. The largest room in the house has a two person spa bath situated in the middle of the room bathed in ambient spot lighting. Behind the bath is a small sauna and shower, the room has space for doing indoor exercises such as yoga. my description doesn’t really do any justice to how fantastic this room really is. The whole cottage has underfloor heating throughout however this is slightly redundant if the fire is lit as this easily heats every room. Extra logs are easy to come by if you were to run out and Clive is more than happy to help in any way possible.

2016-03-07 19.36.172016-03-07 19.35.42

Unfortunately unless you fancy a going for a decent walk there aren’t any shops, restaurants or pubs within a couple of minutes of the cottage. However if you have a car this really isn’t an issue within a 10 minute drive you can reach surrounding villages. I would personally recommend popping into Monmouth if you have a few free hours. This is best described as what i expected a town in the Welsh valleys to be like. A long shopping avenue lined with a good mixture of independent little boutiques and hughstreet brands Monmouth is a great place for a bit of retail therapy. Or if you just fancy a spot of lunch and a swift drink then the town centre also caters for your every need. With literally every corner you turn stands traditional pubs and cafes. I think we spent nearly two hours in the town just wandering round looking around the quirky little shops and having lunch. We even found a little home wear shop  which had a half dedicated to Cath Kidston.

2016-03-08 11.24.03
Every town seems to have its own Robin Hood.

With being situated in the middle of woodland it would of been rude not to go and do a little exploring. Just step out of the door and pick a direction, you can’t seem to go wrong whichever way you go. With two or three footpaths to choose from how long you wander from is completely up to you. After only walking for a few minutes we stumbled across and old ruined mill. The paths weave though the woodlands, the perfect place to let your stress’s melt away . Even with the rainy, cold weather there was a sense of tranquility and peace. Just the perfect place stop and take a breath of fresh air.

2016-03-08 15.41.592016-03-08 15.31.35

I can’t speak highly enough of this quaint cottage in the welsh valleys. The incredibly friendly and helpful owners make the experience a whole lot more pleasurable. If your looking for a mini break and want to try somewhere new to let your hair down this is the place to go! This link will take you straight to the page you need.

Have you got your own little getaway you want to share? Or any where you recommend i try for my next little getaway? I look forward to getting some feedback!



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