The land of the fairies, Isle Of Man

Now I’m aware of the fact that only yesterday i wrote a blog about the Isle Of Man TT races. However as incredible as they are, this isn’t the best the beautiful island has to offer. Being a tiny island only 35 miles tall and 15 miles wide you’d b13343143_10153644481519499_9073284059185403841_ne suprised at how many little hideaways there are to explore.

I’ll start with my choice of title, one of the things the island is most famous for is its little fairy bridge situate between Douglas and castle town. Its quite literally a case of blink and you’ll miss it as its a little hump back bridge by a stone cottage. Although not the original fairy bridge which is actually situated in the middle of a farmers field further up stream. It is shrouded with legend and folk law. No matter who you are, 6 year old girl or 55 year old hairy biker it is said if you don’t wave to the fairies as you cross the bridge they will bring you bad luck. Sounds daft but very rarely do you see anyone drive over the bridge without waving! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the trees bellow the bridge which are covered in little notes to the fairies and little pictures with wishes written on them. But i guess you’ll have to go seek it out for yourself!

If your feeling adventurous the island has glens running like veins from the mountain down to the sea. You pretty much stumble across one whichever direction you chose to 13339735_10208449025696944_8457882270861418167_ntravel. Most of which have beautiful waterfalls and rock pools of clear cool spring water. Me and my cousin very nearly actually used one of the waterfalls as a shower one evening after an incredibly hot day. Other plans unfortunately got in the way. Each one beholds its own little surprises and half of the fun is exploring and seeing whats around the corner. I won’t tell you the name of the particular one I’ve photographed, however i will say its on the c13343044_10208464533124620_8673804699872415917_n.jpgoast road between Ramsey and Peel. Not such a long walk to the bottom but it is a very steep decent, reviling a stunning stone beach. Very secluded and private perfect for a few hours relaxing and escaping the real world!

My favourite little towns are also Castle town and port erin, not huge towns but sleepy sea side communities with spectacular views, and port erin has a lovely big sandy beach. I’ve also seen dave groups and sailing groups chose this beach to set off from so if your into water sports or diving this will probably be the right place to visit. Keep going south and you’ll finally get to the calf of man, the tip of the island. Panoramic costal views and a paradise for anyone needing fresh air. Theres even a lovely little cafe if you fancy a brew or a sandwich.

Any time of year that the racing isn’t on the ferries are actually really cheap to get to the Isle Of Man. Ive even seen the Steam Packet Company advertising return tickets from Liverpool for as little as £30 before now. I know its a bit of a trek for some but if you make a week of it. Get yourself a cosy little cottage and bring your walking boots it truly is a beautiful island. I often refer to it as an island of cornwall because i quite often visit cornwall and its the only place i can think to compare it to.

If i ever go missing and no one knows can find me, this is where i will be. Probably on a beach or down a glen just relaxing and taking it all in. What more can you want?

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