Orlando Florida – A last minute trip

I am very fortunate to be in the position where i have family who live internationally, therefore it made it very easy for me to book flights with a weeks notice and jet off to the sunny state of florida for two weeks.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll know i went to the Isle Of Man TT races a few months back, what i hadn’t put in the blog was that one of my four cousins from Florida had actually flown over for three weeks to come to the races with us. In the three week period he was here he managed to twist my arm into making a visit over the pond and spend some time with him before he joined the forces. Well i had just canceled a holiday so thought why not.13669805_10153735921734499_4427294638866296816_n

I managed to get a very reasonably priced flight from Manchester via Atlanta with Virgin Atlantic. Getting me to America on a Wednesday evening. Now i should explain that yes everyone knows Orlando for Disney World and Universal Studios, however as I’m returning to Florida in March 2017 i had no intention of stepping foot in either resort i had gone for the”red neck experience” as quoted from my cousin and his friends. Made even better by the fact i would be celebrating my first all American 4th of July weekend.

So the day after i landed was fairly chilled, that was until around 7pm when we headed out to what turned out to be ladies night at Cowboys Orlando line dancing bar. So most people have a good old laugh when you mention this point to them …. I mean to be fair, to us Brits the fact that line dancing bars actually exist is a fairly weird concept compared to our jump up and down, try and shout over loud music bars we have over here. However this is undoubtably one of the best bars i have ever been to, its in a tight joint first with the ruin bars of Budapest. The average age of the punters were id say 18 (obviously not drinking alcohol) through to about 27. I mean obviously there were the odd exception. But there was a whole mixture of abilities, from the girls in their cowboy boots who are quite comfortably hitting every step, and texting away on their phone simultaneously. All the way down to the fum13606560_10153735911954499_3901750752615903493_nbling Brit with two left feet giving everyone a good reason for a laugh! Although that said, here i found some of the nicest people i have ever come across and it is surprising how quickly people come over to show you how to do it when your quite obviously just free styling ……  badly. We actually returned here three times before i left and quite frankly i missed it as soon as i came home!

4th of July, Independence Day. Wow, I mean wow. We spent the weekend down at the beach house a friend of Jonathan’s owned. A two minute walk to the beach, private pool and as you can see plenty of parking for HUGE trucks and jeeps. That picture was actually taken on the 4th of July it’s self, which was the morning after the night before so to speak. That truck bed you see majority of the people standing in became the grandstand for the firework display which took place from the pavement .. yes the pavement 3 meters from the road. Were not talking your little rockets and Catherine wheels. These were fully blown display fireworks set off in the street. It was incredible I mean apart from some grumpy neighbour calling the police, but in all honesty they didn’t even stop there car to talk to us.13615068_10153735909354499_4152483673224103570_n

Im trying my best to not write a million pages because every time i start writing i think of something else and could keep going forever. But anyway lets slide onto our next little snap shot.

Mudding, yes mudding. It’s exactly what is sounds like and what the picture to the right suggests. It is also incredible fun, I mean I’m sorry but i got to drive a 6.0 V8 ford F250 around a mud bog and it was one of the best laughs I’ve had. yes you get stuck a lot especially when one of the girls decides to tank it past anyone in her way, over a banking and into a huge mud puddle. But really thats part of the fun! This is all done on public land so perfectly legal, as well as the clay pigeon shooting and target practice that took place.


So last off before i keep rambling on, It is very commonly know that in America most guns that aren’t fully automatic are in fact legal, including carrying a hand gun if you are the holder of a concealed carry permit. Therefore it seemed wrong of me to pass up the opportunity to go shooting on the range when offer was made, i mean between my cousins they must have 20 guns….13606618_10153735911689499_3862193664936223593_n. its not like i was pushed for choice. Even though it was incredibly hot and we locked the keys in the boot of the car, I feel it’s something anyone who gets the chance should have a go at. I wasn’t very good, but no surprise there i hadn’t fired a riffle since i was 16 and had never fired a pistol in my life. Obviously we had a play with a  variety of old and new guns but i have to say my favourite was the sniper Antony was looking after for a friend.It’s hard to explain why its enjoyable apart from the obvious fact its a firearm but theres just something about the smell of gun powder that i love! This write up is a very brief summary of what we managed to do with my two weeks i mean i could write for page after page after page, but lets face it none wants to read that.

Quite frankly I’m counting down the days until i get on that plane again and head off to visit my very much missed family over the pond.

If you would like to ask any question or would like any tips feel free to contact me and i shall help best i can!


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