Virgin Atlantic – Short review

I don’t think i need to start this review explaining who Virgin Atlantic are or where they came from. I feel it is fairly commonly know to originally be one of Sir Richard Branson’s many ventures and currently one of the biggest commercial airlines in the world.

So i actually purposely paid a little more for my flight to america recently so that i would be on a Virgin flight rather than fly with one of their competitors. Main reason being i had flown with them before to and from Barbados a few years ago so knew i would be looked after during the flight. To be honest I have to say i wasn’t disappointed, as soon as i got to the check in desk there was an assistant straight over to make sure i understood what i was doing as you now check yourself in and attach the label to your baggage yourself before dropping it off to be whisked away. I know hardly a complicated task, however when i you have been on a train since 5am and not yet had any coffee i was rather thankful for the nudge in the right direction.

So the boarding process is pretty standard everyone knows how it goes, it’s the same for any airline, although you do get a little bottle of water, again not really a big deal but the little things add up. I was fortunate flying alone I couldn’t help thinking, oh wow who on earth am i going to end up next to. Fortunately i was in the isle seat on a little row of two and ended up sat next to the loveliest ladie who was on her way13987771_10153803479589499_826559382_o to Kansas. The seats where spacious and the cabin was very clean and fresh, greeted by smiling faces all around cabin crew who were all very eager to help with any issues. Each seat had its own little TV screen as pictured. With the option of choosing between 57 films, over around 40 TV programmes and an endless amount of music albums there is more than enough to keep you busy during your flight. If that isn’t enough for you there are also a number of games you can play such as battle ships or chess.

Im not going to lie my 8 hour flight to Atlanta flew  by (excuse the pun).It was very comfortable and there were a good range of films meaning i found several to keep me occupied. So most peoples is13987157_10153803479544499_1174011818_o.jpgsues with airlines is the food. Although portions were a little on the small side, if I’m being honest this is to be expected. For dinner not long after taking off i had a chicken teriyaki dish with rice. Quite frankly it was lovely it came with a salad starter and a few other bits and bobs to nibble on, and a complimentary glass of wine. I went for a Coke personally. For desert there was a little GU lemon cheese cake, definitely the best part of the meal! Although that may be bias as I’m definitely partial to a good slab of cheese cake! Now what you can see pictured above is Virgins version of afternoon tea. Pretty standard a chicken wrap, obviously a veggie option is available packet of crisps and a chocolate bar. All were very tasty and filling nice to tide you over until you land and can get a full meal. I was impressed though by the fact all of the produce in the products were sourced from British farms or British companies where possible once again not something everyone will notice but to me its just another one of those little pieces of the puzzle that will make me return to virgin again.

There isn’t a great deal you can really say about an 8 hour economy flight but I’m hoping I’ve covered all the bases in my first blog review! One thing i have missed though which did make me smile, The little mint packages had daft little passages on the back. Not sure who’s idea it was, or who wrote the passages but it was a great idea to bring a smile to a long flight.13957001_10153803479684499_44835437_n

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