The Ford Fair – Silverstone

Once again, although I’m really trying not to make a habit of it. This is a slightly delayed post. At the beginning of august, actually the day after i went to the Ultimate Street Car show at santa pod. Me and an old friend of me ventured down to Silverstone for the annual Ford Fair. I’m never one to turn down an invitation to any form of car or motorbike show even though Fords aren’t overly my speed.

I have to say i was pleasantly surprised at the sheer size of the event. The number of cars on show was incredible and the whole show ground was bustling with keen car enthusiasts throughout the generations. I will get my little moan out early and it is a little moan Probably unjustified however this is my opinion of the event so I’m not about to start editing my observations. Yes i understand its a Ford show, and yes i understand that the most popular newer models are the focus and the fiesta and they do usually come in Ford blue or orange. However, i’m not exaggerating when i say areas of the show ground were just a vast sea of almost identical cars all lined up each with their own slight personal touch. Some people can spend hours looking over each individual car. I am not one of these people. I appreciate the love and the hard work thats been put into these cars before being put on show to the public, but my heart is always yearning for an the classic, or over engineered 1000 bhp beasts. But as i say this was my only gripe.20160807_120328

Majority of the show is setup in the centre of the track circled by a fairly continuous stream of lucky attendees fortunate enough to own or have access to a vehicle capable of  taking a thrashing around the famous circuit. I always like to have a good look around the trade stands at these kind of events, usually good for a deal or two, or even finding your self something new to try of your pride and joy. Tom has started up his own detailing company so it was ideal for him to stock up at a discounted rate with all the top brands and also check out what other products they have to offer. To be fair to the show organisers I don’t think I’ve been to any show before with a trade area as good as the one at the Ford Fair.

The advantage of going to such a famous show such as this is it does attract some of the best examples of early cars from around Europe. As with any big show they have a concourse display section. A discipline i have such admiration for, I mean how they fight the temptation to take their motor out on a weekend for a blast through the country roads i will never know. But I’m glad they do because it means you get to see outstanding example of classic cars in the same condition as they rolled out of the factory. Even down to the plastic stickers still covering the tread of th20160807_120034e tyres. My favourite most definitely this stunning RS200 shown to the left. It’s the first time I’ve seen one the flesh and if I’m honest i wish i could have one.

We only really spent a couple of hours here, we did walk around the whole exhibition but we could of spent some more time taking in the details of individual cars if we had the time. I had a great time and saw some awesome machines. I’d defiantly recommend attending to anyone who is big on their fords. Well even if your not but appreciate a well looked after, well designed car. Its very popular for a reason i will make a return to the show if my schedule falls right again next year. But as I say I’m not massively into my fords so i am restricted to an extent to what i can write about. All i will say is check it out yourself and form your own opinion.


Check out @tw.details or email A great new detailing company set up by a talented and passionate car enthusiast.



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