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Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly talented artist by the name of Heather Munro at a part time bar job we had both taken over the Christmas period. Recently she has made the push as an independent artist with the launch of her own website and blog.12803044_1529168467378086_4331886017755012421_n

Heather can create artwork in a range of different styles using different techniques and textures.  Take a look at her website and online shop yourself and you will find stunning floral pieces that are a work of elegance and beauty, along side striking bold landscapes and realistically detailed animal portraits. The banner image at the top of my blog  front page is in fact a bespoke digital piece created specifically for this blog, the depth and shading really bring the image to life. I feel the image draws you into the scene creating a sense of wonder, envisioning what may lay beyond.

Heather Munro

I asked Heather If there was anything she in particular took her inspiration from be it her  surroundings or other artists. To which she responded.

“I take inspiration from lots of different things, which is why I haven’t narrowed down a particular style or subject matter that I like to draw and paint the most. I’m still experimenting to find my style”

     Taking two of my personal favourite pieces to enforce this from the website, Heather animated this acrylic painting of Iron Man in his famous landing pose. A drawing made of bold colours and striking lines creating a real 3D feel to the image. In contrast she has also created this soft comforting pencil drawing of a black cat on a black background using minimal colour and much softer lines. I particularly like how she has managed to get the effect of the left hand side catching the light without making it more dominant than the shaded areas.

C Indy - Pencil 2016.jpgC Iron Man 2

“After studying design for TV and film I realised that I didn’t want to loose my ability to draw and create things with a pencil, so instead of going into set
dressing I wanted to be one of the first people to help visualise and flesh out what the production would look like.”

      I have to be honest, I don’t claim to be any expert in art, nor do I claim to have ever been a follower of art, however I have noticed the drop in story board art after being a bit of a comic book fan in my childhood. It’s so refreshing that such a talented artist is wanting to try and take the route of bringing to back to life and assisting the visualisation of someones idea for all to see.

Heather goes on to say that she had always been a fan of comic books and graphic novels as a child due to the striking imagery and sequential artwork telling a story. Creating artwork like this brings her step by step closer to realising her dream of developing her own graphic novel. I feel when looking at Heather’s artwork although it is a wide and varied selection a dominant feature running throughout is the striking colours and lines within th14079657_1582331248728474_4222575931605662095_ne images differentiating between the background and foreground bringing her painting and drawings to life.

Finally, Heather does take requests. You can contact her with any ideas you may have and she will discuss these with you step by step building an image to create an incredibly personal piece of artwork. Therefore, I asked if there were any type of projects she particularly liked or looked forward to. To which Heather responded.

“I haven’t really got a favourite type of project or genre that I like to draw as every project comes with new challenges and test my abilities, which is hopefully making me a better artist.”

      I love how open Heather is about her work and how she is always wanting to better herself and take on new challenges whilst always having one eye on the end target of creating her very own graphic novel. I truly look forward to seeing future artwork being created.

I have already purchased my first piece of Munro Design artwork. It is in14203008_10153873649084499_48409807_o fact one of her acrylic paint pieces. Turtle, swimming deep within the sea which i have used as the heading picture for this post. It is a beautiful piece of artwork in itself, but is also framed and finished to such a high quality at no point do you query the price.

I know Munro Design has a repeat customer in me. The friendly service you receive and the work that has quite obviously gone into each piece more than sells itself. You really need to have a look for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


Please check out     or     Instagram: munrodesigns

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