TW Details

TW Details is a newly established business based in Nottingham founded by Tom Wigmore. I’ve known Tom personally for a number of years meeting him when i was training as a mechanic fresh out of sixth form.

14408079_10153910164699499_1088788539_oWith ten years experience working in the motor industry and only being in his mid twenties Tom’s passion for cars is reflected in the quality of his work. Already getting the attention of suppliers such as Carbon Collective. Currently TW Details is a part time venture however it doesn’t seem to be having any impact on him developing a strong portfolio which is growing from week to week.

I was recently invited to take my car down for the day, so obviously i wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to have it polished and sealed just before winter. Starting with a citrus wash, rinse and snow foam to remove the surface layers of road grime, because quite frankly the car was filthy. After drying we took it to a unit around the corner as the sun was getting to strong for polishing. Once we got th14408312_10153910165894499_580634885_oere Tom brought out his vast collection of products so we could crack on. Initially using a tar remover to go over the bottom portion of the car to remove any stubborn marks or tar blobs. This is followed by rubbing down the paintwork with a clay bar which w
ill remove the impurities from the surface. This process creates a clean slate for starting the polish. This is an especial stage, if the right time is taken to make sure the job is done properly it can add to the depth of polish once the finally stages are complete.

Now its time to break out the machine polisher. Tom did a three stage polish this time around but the level to which you polish varies depending of the level of work needed on each individual car. To be quite frank this stage takes an absolute eternity definitely worth it in the long run! But several hours later it is finally time for the final stage of the process.

Carbon collective make an incredible little product called oracle. This leaves a fine protective layer over the freshly polished paintwork enhancing the depth and mirror effect.



TW Details will very soon be a popular name in the midlands for detail and vehicle protection I’m sure of it. I will most defiantly be recommending him and will be taking any future cars or bikes over. I can write all i like for an extra five pages about the process and the quality of the finished result. In this instance however you need to see the results for yourself.




Follow @TW.DETAILS on Instagram for regular examples of his work! Or just get your vehicle protected by just sending him a message!



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