Prague: 2

So… we’ve had a brief visit to the markets and we’ve explored the castle and everything our side of the river. Majority of Prague’s attractions are north of the river, including the old town center. Even though we had done our research, we still picked up a map at the information center at the airport. To be honest I’m glad we did, it had a bunch of buildings and monuments on there we hadn’t picked up on.

Let’s start with the old town. As you would probably 16144651_10154258045279499_368243077_nexpect, the square at the center of the old town is surrounded by stunning buildings. As with most European cities there also stands a glorious chapel towering above, housing a very decorative clock, which is apparently a tourist attraction (once again something we had somehow missed in research). Just off the main square is a little street market. I’m not sure if its there all year round or not but it isn’t the same as the Christmas markets. Full of handmade bits and bobs and prints of the cities famous land marks. Everywhere you turn there are numerous bars and restaurants to try of all sorts of styles and nationalities. Over the last two days I dread to think how many miles we actually ended up walking finding new and exciting buildings to gaze at and little markets to explore. But it was totally worth it Prague has so much more to offer than the maps can fit on. If I was to offer a piece of personal advice, I would say although the public transport is very easy to use and accessible. Do make the effort to have a wander from destination to destination. You see so much more of the city and of the people, we would have missed so much if we had just hopped on and off the busses and metro going from sight to sight.

16145495_10154258047614499_1476928293_oNow the Christmas markets themselves. As I say there are a few dotted around the city, some fairly large such as the one in the old square and some literally only a couple of stalls. One thing I would like to point out, is that they are almost identical. Pretty much the same stalls at each one selling the exact same things. That being said, for me it didn’t really take anything away from the experience you still had big joints of ham being cooked in the walkways and it even featured a black smith making little ornaments while you watched. There was a vast amount of food and drink of offer. My personal favorite was a pasta, sauerkraut and ham dish which was amazing. It was priced on weight but I think mine came to around £3, which is effectively for lunch! But the star of the show for both me and Matt was the Christmas punch! Gutting that we never actually managed to find out the ingredients to make our own, however if I ever go back to Prague at Christmas time I know exactly where ill be going straight from the airport.

I fully intend to revisit Prague one day. I mean after I’ve been to the a jillion other places I have plans for. But even so, it is an incredibly beautiful city with a sad but fascinating history and I think has to be very high up on anyones list intending to tour Europe in 2017.


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