The Little Lees


It’s pretty safe to say that I know Hannah, the young lady behind “” pretty well. I mean I’ve only been good friends with her for 10 years or so. I guess you could say we were like friends or something.

screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-18-08-42She started her blog just over a year ago, roughly the same time I started exploring the woods and she puts out a steady stream of posts for you to keep up to date with almost weekly at the moment. Hannah writes a lot about travel and lifestyle but occasionally touches on currently fashion and likes to express her taste in clothing and design.

So a bit about the girl herself. For the majority of the time I have known Hannah she has always been chasing the chance to go traveling and explore the world. So it is great to see that she is seizing every chance she gets to go on spontaneous adventures. After doing her degree in media and journalism Hannah has compiled the skills she has gained over the years to build a great website and an Instagram account with some simply stunning pictures. I’ll be honest I think its awesome that such a close friend is taking the same path as myself in this sense as it means I have a travel buddy when its needed! (or maybe I just crash her trips, I’m not sorry) Back in October Hannah went to Italy by herself to explore Capri and a number of the surrounding islands and I am positive that in the future she will be flying solo around the world seeking the next big adventure. screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-18-09-16So if you’re a bit nervous about going away by yourself, especially if you are female. Yano because you have to be a bit more carful Hannah’s blogs are a good read for tip and tricks to keep safe and the best ways of making the most of your chosen destination.

If you follow “thelittlelees” and keep up with her adventures. It doesn’t take long for her passions to light. Not one to shy behind others or not get her hands dirty Hannah tends to cover a lot of ground and squeeze a lot in from day to day. We are currently planning a trip away, well a couple if were being honest. I’m just waiting for her to hit me with the mad research she’s done so I have to try and keep a step ahead.

I struggle reading blogs and articles a lot, however the relaxed and informative nature of Hannah’s writing makes for easy reading and in all honesty I find it pretty motivating. A little kick up the ass to get my plans together for my next trip.

I seriously recommend browsing a few posts. Weather you wish to travel or you are into fashion or not. I think you’ll still find it an interesting read. Or if you just like looking at pretty pictures follow her Instagram. Which will probably lead to you wanting to read her blog but hey. You do what suits you!screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-18-09-58

insta: hannahmarielees

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