Road to the TT: 130 days to go.

Okay so Ill start by saying, anyone that knows me, knows one of the things I really get enthusiastic about as well as the obvious travel is motorbikes. I have grown up around bikes my entire life, with my dad usually having at least one project on the go at a time.

16216369_10154270088984499_752807958_nSo this brings me to this little blog series I’m going to do. In 130 days me and my Dad will be landing in the Isle of Man for the famous TT races. It will be my forth trip over and my dads like hundredth or something. As well as the incredible racing it gives a chance for people to show there pride and joys. We are no different. as of this very moment we (mainly Dad) are well into a project bike that is set to hit the road in time for the isle of man.

Right the bike itself. Okay so I’m going to write about how the bike actually stands at this very moment. It won’t take you long to realise there is a fair bit to do in not a huge about of time. The “base” of the bike is a 1984 Suzuki Katana. Originally it had a 1098cc katana engine but now plays home to a 1127cc GSXR Slingshot engine. Currently its the standard engine, however there is the potential that after the TT it may be getting itself a turbo!! fingers crossed!! The seat and sub frame have been img_4163shortened and the seat has been reupholstered by a local business. Here is where it gets a little interesting because it wasn’t the straightest forward of procedures. The swing arm and complete front end including yolks and brakes are from a 2014 Triumph Street Triple. This means the rear end is now mono shock rather than the twin standard to a Katana. To actually make the swing arm fit the frame had to be heated and bent, I believe using a bottle jack. It was actually my dads mate Jim King (JKR Racing) who helped him out with a lot of this. You may know Jims Bike he has the General Lee turbo charged EFE. Obviously now that the rear has been heavily modified there had to be bracing struts 16231079_10154270087989499_1777292544_owelded into the frame for strength. The engine has had new mounts made to move the engine forward to help with clearance of the new exhaust but it may get moved back again yet. This will be preferable if a turbo is to be fitted. finally, the header pipes are stainless steel straight off a 1200 Bandit connecting to a Yoshi can from a ZX9R

I could go into a lot more detail with it all, but because I’m doing this as a blog series there is plenty of time for me to go deep between now and the big day! As you can tell it has had a lot done so far, knowing my dad we are probably about half way there. Before the paint even gets laid down. I hope you keep with us on the build I seriously can’t wait to see this Kat on the road and more importantly on the Island.


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