January 2017


Yep, I’m going to be that guy. I’m going to do a monthly post to review the last few weeks. Although I will not be calling it “chapter 1 of 12” or any of that nonsense. I will keep it short and sweet…. probably.

January, it’s been a long month, as I’m sure it has for everyone. Had none of my little adventures yet. Although I did go on my first spa day which was incredible, I reckon I will be making a regular habit of that. In all honesty I’ve pretty much just worked … like a lot since Christmas, I mean traveling and working through the bucket list isn’t cheap so I guess I have to put the ground work in somewhere! I’m still waiting for that winning lottery ticket. I’m another year older and feel the same, obviously. Well really as boring as it sounds this pretty much sums up my first month of 2017. I have worked a lot and talked a lot about where I plan to go this year.

So let’s move onto where I am going to go. As of yesterday I am now booked up to go to Romania to visit Castle Bran on the 12th of Feb, come back for a day and then jet off to Nice and Monte Carlo. All with The Little Lees. We did the whole stick a pin into a map and go from there trick, which worked to an extent. I mean until you pick the sea like three time straight. We got there in the end, I feel this will be the basis I will be planning last minute get always in the future.

Like I said short and sweet don’t really have a great deal more to say. But if all goes to plan this will be my quietest month for 2017. I can’t wait, bring it on! Well bring on more holidays, I’m not all that keen on all this working lark…

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