February 2017

Well thats it month two all done and dusted, I mean to be fair it is a short one. 28 days, can we even call that a month?

It’s been very busy for me, worked a lot nothing new there then. Once again I am VERY behind on my posts, what a surprise! However I have been to Romania, Nice and Monte Carlo. So those blogs will be up shortly, three incredible places and i cannot wait to get writing about them! “thelittlelees.com” has already put up her first post about Romania, so i guess I’m slacking quite a bit really… Hmm what else is new. Oh right so i set up an Instagram account specifically for Exploring the woods back in September, however it was just continuously getting spammed by click bait for whatever reason so I will be moving it all over to my personal account and posting from there. If you want to keep up to date with my travels and the general rubbish i get up to day to day then have a follow of Ferney110, the links on my page to the left!

Not really a great deal more to say about February because i want to talk about it in the shortly coming posts! Currently in the planning process for a relaxing holiday in the summer not saying where yet, don’t want to jinx it but I’m super excited to get it all finalised. March is going to be great, I fly to America on the 8th for a family wedding and don’t come back until the 26th so i have plenty of time to explore what i missed last time i went to Orlando. Hopefully i will actually post while i am out there, I need to stop neglecting the blog so much.

So thats my February and what to expect in March in a nut shell, I have at least 5 posts on the way. Saying that i will probably end up putting out more, especially covering Monte Carlo. I need to win the lottery, but thats a whole different subject.

I hope you had a good second month of 2017. Springs pretty much upon us, bring it on!

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