Review: Hotel Belvedere and restaurant, Brasov.


I will just start with that as it turns out, when it comes to taking pictures of old buildings, great views or cars. I don’t hold back in fact i usually end up taking hundreds and deleting a good 50% of them when i finally get them onto my laptop. However even though i know I’m planning to write a review, i forget to take photos of hotels and restaurants… I’ve literally done it with all three hotels we stayed in during our 8 days away. So sorry guys but you will have to bare with me and the few pictures i do have… or if you go to Hannah will be posting all of her photos in her write up! Obviously read my post first before checking hers out … please.

Anyway! The hotel, we booked the Belvedere at my preferred choice of booking website for a number of reasons but those are for another time. With some lovely picture a great choice in rooms at great prices and a high rating from reviews we figured we couldn’t go wrong. I’m not sure what exactly i was expecting, I mean i was expecting it to be nice it is a 4* hotel after all. But I was incredibly impressed. Lets start with location, with it being very close to the ski resorts Hotel Belvedere is situated over looking Brasov town. Which as you can imagine makes for some great views. We had a great view over the mountains from our balcony. It is a short walk to the town centre, granted there is a fairly steep hill to negotiate. It makes for in interesting walk home after a bottle of prosecco definitely not speaking from experience I promise.







We had been traveling for a VERY long time when we arrived at the hotel, it was around 8pm. So all i wanted was to shower and have a good meal. The room was frankly huge in comparison to what i was expecting, we had requested a twin room and they had provided a double. But the bed was that big if we both star-fished we still didn’t touch. So we just dealt with it. Very well equipped the room had a computer in the corner and a TV with a wide range of channels, not that we spent much time watching TV majority of our time was spent exploring! The mini bar was actually reasonably priced if you were to dip in and there was a wide range of food and drink to choose from. A lovely touch of luxury to the room was the hot tub bath which I obviously took advantage of great to relax those leg muscles after walking a thousand miles a day, and fighting that steep hill.

Right so because it was late we just ate at the hotel. Best idea ever, easily in the top three restaurants I have ever eaten in. A panoramic view of the mountains, the Brasov sign and beautifully laid tables. Hannah being a veggie meant unfortunately there was actually only one choice on the menu she could eat but she was very impressed with what she got and i img_7320had a chicken bacon and prune dish. The food was absolutely incredible. Presented and cooked to perfection, I liked the fact they matched ingredients you wouldn’t think to pair together and they worked beautifully. I don’t know if this is a common thing in posh restaurant but we also got free appetisers which were packed with flavour and far from tiny. It was a Sunday night so it was quiet but the atmosphere was lovely and relaxing. As it turns out it’s actually a Michelin star restaurant so thats something  ticked off the bucket list. All of that for £40 between us, you will struggle to have a decent meal out in a standard restaurant in the UK.

The only negative i can really think of and it really is only tiny and a little petty, they do have an outside pool. Which obviously is closed in the winter, unless playing the part of ice cube bobbing about under the ice is your thing. But they also advertise a hot tub which they don’t state is closed in winter so when we found out we couldn’t have a chill looking at the mountains it was a litter disappointing, hardly a game changer though.

As you can probably tell I love this place and I do intend on coming back one summer to do some more exploring when there is a little less snow. If you are intending on visiting Romania at any point, maybe you want to go say hey to Dracula have a look at the Hotel Belvedere you won’t be at all disappointed.




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