Brasov Day 4 – Homeward Bound


We’ve spent 3 beautiful days in Brasov now, its time to pack up and start heading home. Although we got the train from Bucharest we opted for a taxi back, its over 2 hours from Brasov to the airport no matter how you travel but I think we can all agree getting a Taxi directly to your final destination is always a lot more convenient. The train is 95 lei for two people and the taxi was 150 but worth the extra money just for the less faf. I should say that the trip back to the airport actually included swinging by what is tIMG_4489.jpghought to be Vlad the impairers’ grave.

The chapel is well fairly simple there isn’t a lot to see, but it’s a nice little detour to break up the journey, positioned besides a huge lake home to some stunning mansions. Apparently its where the wealthy of Romania go on holiday during the summer. Don’t worry if on the way to the chapel your driver seems to turn off the main road and head into the rabbit warrens. We did wonder where we were going at first but eventually at the end of a little street stands the lovely chapel.

It was a Dracula Tours driver that took us to the airport. He even serenaded us at one point with a lovely rendition on a Michael Bublé song. I assume it wasn’t part of the service but was entertaining.

I think I can say without a shadow of a doubt, we will both be returning to Romania… Probably in the summer one year but Brasov will be my destination of choice in the future for sure.

The whole getaway including accommodation was no more than £400. I took £250 worth of spending money and changed nearly £150 back when I got home. For four days!! Where can you go in 2017 and spend that little money, by no means did we do it cheap either.


Add Romania to your travel list, trust me, I have no doubt that you will be impressed.


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