March 2017

March is a difficult one to write about to be honest. I flew to Florida on the 8th and didn’t return until the 26th. So as you can imagine I don’t want to say too much as at some point there will be posts appearing about my adventures. Even if I am a little behind at the moment (I feel like I say this every month).

Although, I am very happy to say is now a year old!! YAY and my living to do list is starting to look more and more green. It is also slowly expanding which is amazing as that is the whole idea behind it. PLEASE if you have any ideas to put to me please do I am open to try new things and explore new places. It has been a busy 12 months and with any luck the next will be even busier.

Santorini is booked for the summer and New York for New Years as of this week. There are a couple of other plans in the pipeline including attempting a trip to Iceland in October if i can blag the time off *fingers crossed*.

So all i can say really is watch this space and my March will be up for all to see in no time. Along with an update on the bike build… not long to go now.

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