Road to the TT: 29 days to go

So in what has turned into a 4 part series we are well on our way to the day we set sail over to the Isle Of Man. I think if we are being completely honest with ourselves we are probably a bit too close for comfort. But hey ho … heres how things stand with 29 days to go.

So where to start… last time i did a post on the project. Over 100 days ago. Gulp. The frame was being strengthened and the new engine mounts were being fabricated to accommodate the bigger engine. The strengthening struts and new mounts are now tig welded and cleaned up thanks to Jim King at JKR racing for the tig welds. In the end the decision was made for the engine to be mounted forward with a slight lift to create clearance for the chain and to eliminate the need to extend the header pipes. In our opinion the engine looks a lot better positioned forwards anyways.



Onto the tank. The fuel filler cap has been changed from the standard Katana cap to a slightly more aesthetically pleasing stainless cap and a breather pipe has been added to prevent the engine being starved at high revs due to the engine upgrade. Once again to extend a thanks to JKR racing for the tig welding and fabrication of the filler cap housing. Dad had purchased a set of 2 pot Brembo brakes for the front end to match the rear however the current forks aren’t compatible. As it turns out an older Triumph front end allows for IMG_5536easy fitting of the caliber upgrades. Unfortunately when we managed to find a good set on ebay and get our hand on them… it turns out some of the newer models had forks with completely different dimensions. So i think its safe to say they wont be making it onto the build for this years TT. Luckily a minor set back. The new rear foot pegs arrived but they weren’t really in fitting with the flow of the bike so instead Dad is modifying the rear pegs he already has on his Buell, meaning the mountings for them can now be measured up and welded on. Maybe then we can get round to spraying the frame, nothing like leaving it to the last minute hey.


As it stands we have a Suzuki Katana in about 4 or 5 large sections and now in a high build primer. The engine block is 99% of the way ready to be freshened up and the plastics are now sanded and cleaned and repaired and also in primer primer. Our newly modified tank has had a few imperfections filled and sanded down to bare metal. In theory it’s a case of getting that paint on and re assembly and we are near as damn there. One of our saving graces is that we do know the engine runs and Dad has done a dry build so it probably all fits together. So now just to decide how it’s going to be painted. It’ll be fine, probably. I will update you in a couple of weeks.


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