Nice – Day 1

So after the surprisingly beautiful adventure around Romania, we returned home for just over 24 hours to get our clothes washed re group and prepare for getaway number two.

As usual it started with an incredibly early road trip to the airport, Luton this time so not to bad of a drive definitely an in improvement on Gatwick. I use Sky Scanner to book my flights so its not uncommon to use the odd unheard of airline. luckily after our fiasco with Wizz Air to Romania we were less worried about our flight with Easyjet into Nice. Not really much to say standard budget airline we do try and aim to use Easyjet now though to be honest even if it is a tiny bit more expensive they are just very efficient and we are yet to have any troubles with them.

We got to Nice a little after lunch there time. The best western Plus, Hotel Massena was our accommodation of choice for the night (review to come). Unfortunately we were a little early for check in so it meant we had no choice but to drop off our bags and have little explore. Oh what a shame. Little tip though not sure why we didn’t expect it to be overly warm as it was February and went in what is probably best described as light winter wear. Big mistake the weather was comfortably in the high teens low 20s. This resulted in overheating slightly and us clock watching for check in so we could get changed

IMG_4602Nice’s sea front is exactly as you would expect just as picturesque as it is in the movies and photos. The lovely wide promenade is perfect for a gentle stroll and if you’re an avid instagrammer (thelittlelees) perfect for that “french riviera” photo shoot. We stopped in one of the little cafes on the front for a tea and crepe and just watched the world go by for an hour or so in the sun. Truly tranquil. It was the perfect beginning to the relaxing luxurious holiday we were hoping for.

As we had a wander around we did stumble along a simply stunning flower market. Everything was quite obviously very fresh and local. Complete with the fragrant fresh fruit stalls and even chaps carving little animals out of wood at the road side. The colours and beautiful fresh smells were very inviting. Defiantly an image straight out of a 80s or 90s romance novel.


IMG_4691I was surprised at the sheer size of Nice to be honest i don’t know why i was expecting a little town but that is most defiantly is not. As beautiful and inviting as Nice is. It does have one major floor to no fault of its own. Our next destination set for mid morning tomorrow and only a 20 min train journey away. Quite possibly one of the most famous luxury locations of them all…

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