Into the gym. Ultra White Collar Boxing

So I can’t be entirely sure how this happened… but it did.

So on the 19th of August i took part in a White Collar Boxing charity fight after completing an 8 week high intensity training course.

I guess i should explain what white collar boxing is first. It’s a charitable organisation set up to work in association with nation wide boxing gyms to train willing volunteers to fight in a charity boxing match in aid of Cancer Research. It is now a very well established organisation and is well on its way to raising £10 million for the cause within only a few years. As part and parcel of the commitment you are expected to sell at least 10 tickets to fight night (£20 a pop for standing or £35pp for a table), raise £50 in sponsorships and take part in 8 weeks of high intensity training attending at least 16 training sessions.

I can hear you already, ahhh how hard can it be… sounds like a bit of fun. Well you’re half right, it was great fun. But sign yourself up and then come back and tell me how easy it is when you’ve finished. If you haven’t taken part in this kind of training before, which most haven’t it’s kinda the point of white collar boxing. It can be gruelling. especially when you start sparing around week 4 if you’ve never spared before. I had my nose bust open, I didn’t drop my guard again to be fair. Well actually a few weeks later I ended up with two black eyes but thats besides the point. I would confidently say at the end of the training i was probably in about the best shape of my life and i met some great people.

I joined the team at Beeston and Radford boxing gym and they were incredibly professional and are quite obviously passionate about their sport. They worked with everyone no matter there ability and helped the whole team build on there skills a pushed us to our absolute limits on a regular basis. 21392903_10155024645734499_1667801235_o

At the end of the 8 weeks they held a black tie event with security and professional photographers ref and MC provided by White Collar Boxing (I believe).

So a little more about my experience personally. I loved it, I’ve always followed boxing and fancied “having a go” but it’s not really one of those sports where you nip down the fields with your mates and have a knock about. I knew it would be hard work, didn’t realise how hard it would be but none the less i loved it. I won’t lie and pretend I walked out of every session on cloud 9 buzzing for the next session. Some evenings i literally had to peel myself off of the sofa and force myself to training. Others i spent most of the day looking forward to getting down the gym.

There was no point where i nearly walked away i was always determined to finish and make it to fight night, I’m not really one to give up once I’ve started something. Especially once i had got myself into the mind frame that I was gonna be climbing into a ring with someone.




Anyway fight night came. I was no where near as nervous as at weigh in two days before. To be honest i was looking forward to getting into it. There were some great fights and i think everyone had a great time. Unfortunately i wish i could say i walked all over my opponent, but i didn’t he had me by 1 point after the final round. In my eyes debatable, but it’s a charity fight and I’m not gonna bitch about it. I’ll make sure next time I come out on top.


I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wants to have a go there is a great sense of pride and achievement once you’ve completed it to and i met some great people, the atmosphere is no where near as hostile as you may expect either in actual fact it was probably friendlier than your local gym. It’s been just over two weeks now, I am yet to get back into training. I may or may not have injured myself the following day pratting about, but once I’ve recovered I will start training again and I’ll be back down Beeston boxing club in no time.

Until next time.




All photos provided by ULTRAPIX  

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