Whats this all about?

So I’ve had this blog now for around 2 years. Not really done much with it. I’ve written little about my travels and very occasionally about the odd thought I’ve had. But I haven’t by any stretch of the imagination utilised the platform I have available. For a number of reasons to be honest.

Firstly, because I have a strong belief that everything I write is utter rubbish. Whether it is or not should be irrelevant, as long as I believe in what I’m writing and I find it interesting what does it matter what people think. If people enjoy reading it as much as enjoyed writing then that’s just a huge bonus. If not either don’t read my posts anymore or preferably, get in touch and tell me how to improve. I’m all about learning to grown my skills.

Secondly, I know a fair amount of my friends and people I know read what I write. So subconsciously I am editing everything I put to try and minimise the chances of opening myself up for questioning and judgement. But you know what fuck it they aren’t learning anything they probably don’t already know.

The original intention was to become a “travel blogger” but who isn’t a travel, fashion or lifestyle blogger these days. So I’m a me blogger I’m going to write about what I want now, there will probably be a bit of travel in there but that’s because I want to not because I feel I have to. In the hope I will push out more content because it’s no longer a chore. It’s a platform in which to just vent and put ideas out there.

Probably meaning there is a whole lot of rambling heading this way which no one will read but hey ho only time will tell.

P.S yes the pictures are going to be a bit random…. I haven’t had chance to go out with my camera lately.

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