Decisions decisions.

One of life’s unfortunate facts, there will always be times where your backs in a corner and you have to make a decision you either don’t want to make. Or don’t know how to approach.

Some are tiny little instances to the world but to you are the world. Some are destined to determine the future trajectory of your life. Either way it’s going to happen weather you like it or not. As is life they usually come up when you’re already in the dirt, making the whole process alot more difficult.

The obvious advice is “well talk to your nearest and dearest” a problem shared is a problem halved and all that. What if your nearest and dearest have a conflict of opinion? What if you feel like you’re going to let somone down no matter the outcome. “You sometimes have to put yourself first”. Until you’re in that position do you really understand how hard that is?

We live in this wierd ass world now where you’re told to chase your dreams but you also need to settle down and be moved out by the time your 25, and you can “be whatever you want to be”, But you must have a degree and pick a stable career. Like seriously?

That being said you do have your go getters I know people currently working in south Korea, Thailand and Hong kong as teachers and a few out traveling New Zealand and Asia. I’m green with envy as a see their social media on a daily basis. But I’m digressing a little.

See this is one of those scenarios from my earlier post. People I know will read this and think, what the hell is this kid going on about. If you’re close to me chance are we’ve already talked about it.

But really, how do you do this? Keep plodding along let it sit on your shoulders keeping to the same course. Or do you grab the bull by the horns make a decision and hope which ever way you turn the damage control isn’t as horrendus as carrying the weight.

I’ve made it sound to be somthing enormous but like i said before to the rest of the world it might be tiny. You never know how someone carrys a situation.

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