In the thick of it.

I’m not overly a sporty person. I keep relatively fit at the gym but I am by no means an Athlete.

However I do like to push my limits and see how far I can go. As a result I find myself back in the bullpen training for fight number 2 (For charity of course). This time with a slight twist. Along side my 3 days a week training I am carrying out further training bringing my week up to a a 6 day training programme. Most importantly for me though, I am now on a strict pre planned diet. I have had a qualified personal trainer and nutrition plan containing every scrap of food I will eat for 8 weeks taking into account my goals and current fitness level to see what I can achieve over an 8 week period. I wont be taking any protein shakes or supplements this time as it is all included in my diet.

So hows it going? I’m 4 weeks in and I feel good. I expected to feel hungry a lot or be craving food as I used to eat fairly regularly and be a huge fan of biscuits. ( choc hobnobs). But mostly neither have come true, that being said I do miss my pies and morning fry ups.

I have actually met my body fat and weight targets already so I just have to keep soldiering on and see how far I can push it. As far as I can. I feel fit and ready. I will give another update on the night before the fight.

Wish me luck.

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