Road to the TT: We made it!! (well a couple of months later)

What i a surprise I’ve dropped behind writing blog posts … I’m just gonna stop pretending it isn’t going to happen anymore. I’m a busy fella and all that.

Anywayyss. We made it!!! The Katana made it to the Isle of Man for the TT races. I mean it was finished and MOT’d 3 hours before we left for the ferry and my Dad didn’t actually manage to test ride the bike until we actually got to the island. So naturally there were few teething problems. We will get to that later. I wish i could say she got the miles in on the island but the weather was horrendus, so she did stay parked a couple of days we were out there.

So teething problems, the gear linkage kept snagging, so rhat had to be adjusted in order to grab all of the gears. Also when turning left she revved right up due to the throttle cable snagging. Apart from that it was a dream, managed to get some great picture on the island aswel. We had a great week even though we never got the Kat into the Peele day show but hey she made it to the island so smiley faces all around.

P.s i thought I posted this back in August, I just found it now …. my bad guys

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