Unfortunately…. it was I who lost his feet.

A lucky punch around my guard in the second round took my legs from under me and I hit the deck. Game over. 8 Weeks of training hard and dieting for 135 seconds of fighting. I mean I was winning up until that moment. Even he was shocked I believe, but that is boxing for you. It only takes one clean punch to end it all.







It’s important for me to express the fact that I am not ashamed. A little gutted maybe but definitely not ashamed. I pushed myself as hard as I could we both fought well. My only disappointment is i was genuinely enjoying the fight and I wish I could have gone the distance to complete the experience but I shan’t dwell on it to much.

The group raised over £17,000. A new Nottingham record, two sold out events and 76 competitors out of the original 200 or so that signed up.


Personally. I lost nearly 4KG and 5% body fat. Not only that but I drastically improved my fitness and personal wellbeing. This was my last fight, however I am going to continue to train and spar to better myself. I may even try and get into helping out on the event. I met a great group of chaps. All of whom fought hard and I hope to keep contact in years to come.

Well done all the ladies and gents involved. You have a lot to be proud of and a huge thank you to the staff at Radford and Beeston Boxing Gym. The hard work they put in to make these events happen really is reflected in the enthusiasm portrayed by everyone involved.


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