My next adventure.

Well one of them anyway.

I am taking a note out of my “living to do list” I have got my hands on a VW van. A 1.9 T4 Transporter to be exact. Well it was my Dads for around 8 years and he has upgraded to a T5 Caravelle so its happening! As we speak it is actually in the garage having a little work done and really is just being used as a motorbike mover. however the intention is for next year it to be ready as a bit of a day van for when I start my racing.

My Dad (in the picture) had done a little work a few years ago so the back is quite nicely lined out but it still needs a form of bed and other bits and bobs doing to it. So plenty to be getting on with. I plan to do a couple of posts with the progress but at the moment this is the only picture I have. I shall keep you updated

Hopefully better than I have been doing in the past!!


Until next time….


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