A living “to do” list.

From reading a fair few different blogs over the last few months, a lot are doing a variation on the 30 things to do before your 30 or bucket list challenges. Although its nothing new and not original i personally quite like the concept of keeping a check list of life goals. I’m going to do mine a little differently by posting a short list, which i will grow as explore and find new activities or places i want to add. So “A living to do list”. I will highlight anything i manage to achieve in green rather than knocking them off the list.

  1.  Watch a rocket launch
  2. Visit 20 countries (current count 16)
  3. Buy my first home
  4. Start a full time business
  5. Complete a charity challenge
  6. Buy / build a VW camper
  7. Road trip Europe and the UK
  8. Visit Machu Picchu
  9. See the northern lights
  10. Go on an African safari
  11. Get my motorbike licence
  12. Own a motorbike
  13. Visit Paris, Rome, Venice, Prague, Santorini and Amsterdam
  14. Do a Parachute jump
  15. Lap the Nurburgring
  16. Have a luxury holiday paid for by myself
  17. Go to a London musical
  18. Visit Disney World and Universal Studios
  19. Own a classic car
  20. Find a job i really enjoy
  21. Go Skiing
  22. Go New York for New Year
  23. Climb a mountain
  24. Go to Coachella and/ or Tomorrow land festival
  25. Go to a big sporting event! (preferably boxing)
  26. Travel to South America / Asia to help with community projects.
  27. Disappear for a weekend / week without technology and experience fending for myself
  28. Have a go on Europe’s biggest zip wire in wales.
  29. Go to a classical music concert – ballet – opera.
  30. Learn a second language.
  31. Eat in a Michelin star restaurant
  32. Complete a creative project
  33. Own a getaway in the woods or countryside
  34. Start competitively racing motorbikes for a season.
  35. Own a classic sports car.

If you have any recommendations or if you have your own list let me know!